04 April 2022-InternationalPress releases

Laboratoire Rolland enters partnership with its employees to become “Rolland et Associés”

Michel and Dany Rolland have sold the majority of their shares to their team of oenologists but will remain board members and continue to work alongside them to maintain their methods and expertise.

Since its creation in 1973, Laboratoire Rolland has developed a unique approach to wine consulting that has become its signature. Michel Rolland created the very concept of consulting in the wine industry , and it is with determination that he advises many renowned estates in the Bordeaux region and in over 20 countries worldwide, alongside Dany Rolland and a team of passionate employees, all focused on excellence. Laboratoire Rolland supports estates at all stages of wine production, from the vineyard, to vinification to ageing. Its expertise has become a benchmark in the industry and is sought after worldwide for its quality and reputation.

Michel and Dany Rolland’s reputation is based on their expertise and extensive experience. Trained as oenologists, they have both developed the framework and methods that make for excellence in their activity. Always on the move, Michel Rolland’s career has taken him all over France and the world, to which he brings his knowledge of terroir and his global vision in terms of winemaking.

In collaboration with Dany, he has widely contributed to changing practices in the world of wine, revolutionising established technics and cultural habits. As such an enthusiastic wine lover, Michel remains his own best ambassador, saying that he always wants to “roam from one estate to another, to satisfy his passion for this profession”.

As the 48th harvest approaches in a few months, a new chapter is opening in alinement to the work achieved by Michel and Dany Rolland. The laboratory becomes “Rolland et Associés”, thus including loyal employees Julien Viaud, Mikael Laizet and Jean-Philippe Fort within the consulting structure and the analytical laboratory. Dany Rolland is delighted with this association, which is a natural continuation: “It is with great and total confidence and unfailing support from us that they will lead the company to success, with the synergy of dynamism, experience and skills combined.”

Michel and Dany Rolland will be passing on their heritage of a modern approach to wine making in the vineyard and the cellar. The new partners say that they will rely on these values to continue the activity and perpetuate its influence: “It is now up to us, through our laboratory and our advice and following in the footsteps of Dany and Michel Rolland, to remain at the forefront of innovation and to take on the
environmental and health challenges to allow wine to retain its great nobility and cultural strength.”
For the past 48 years, The Laboratoire Rolland has put quality and innovation atthe core of their values with a specific angle of work of the vines and a limited intervention in the cellar.
Its new partners are ready to continue on this path and offer the best advice to support properties in the challenges of the world of tomorrow, guided by the passion and determination of the laboratory’s founders.